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Los Painanis / Monograph / Mexico

Monografias /
Los Painanis corrian cientos de kilometros diariamente desde las alturas de la ciudad de Tenochtitlan, hasta la costa de Veracruz para traerle pescado fresco del Golfo de Mexico al emperador azteca Moctezuma

*PAYNANIS - Couriers (paynani) constantly travelling along those ways, keeping the Aztecs informed of events, and helping to monitor the integrity of the roads.
Who were the Paynanis?
Imagine running alone along a hot dusty trail, the scorching wind at your back, a crucial message held tightly in your grip. Or maybe it's cold and wet, and you feel the rhythmic raindrops pelting down on your face, knowing that you can't let it slow you down.
You will run for hours, and just when you feel that you can't take another step, you reach your checkpoint post and another runner is there, ready to take the package, and then start his leg of the relay.
Within hours, the package, whether it's a message or fresh fish for the Emperor, will arrive at its destination, hundreds of miles from its origination.
These were the Paynanis, Imperial Couriers for the Aztec Empire in 15th Century Northern Mexico. The Paynanis held a special place in this ancient civilization. Paynanis, or translated, He who runs fast, were well educated and the top athletes in the land.
In fact, each Paynani was trained in writing, speech, civics, arms, politics and religion. In addition, they had to have a great understanding of the geography of the land in which they would travel.
Because of their hard work and training, they were given the noble status of ambassadors, and even the enemies of the Emperor understood that they were not to be messed with. To do so would be risking a punishment of death.

*Leonardo da Vinci's technological drawings derived from Chinese originals?http:/www.reuters.com/article/scienceNews/idUSL242804420080729 -Vea mas sobre los Painanis en: - http://sepiensa.org.mx * - Red de Tareas - Homework Network * http:/bilingual-library.blogspot.com * Monografias / Mexico / Prof JML - Monographs


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