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TaskAmigo: Find People To Do Chores For You

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TaskAmigo: Find People To Do Chores For You
Leave a Comment Posted by tunebloggers on May 5, 2012

TaskAmigo is a platform that helps you to get chores done by people who are there to provide the services.
Everyday, we do lots and lots of chores. Some take minutes while some take hours, some we love to do and some we hate. TaskAmigo provides you a ready service for all the chores that you hate to do and would love to take help.

On TaskAmigo, you can post anything that you would like to get a person to do for you. People who are willing to provide the service will see your post and respond to it if they feel they can do it. The person who provides the service will bid the amount s/he will charge to do the service. If you find it okay, you can instantly hire the person for the chore.

TaskAmigo is for the neighborhood. Nobody can be expected to travel for an hour to do a simple chore, but if the pay is good and the work is suited, people will love to earn some extra cash.

For those who would like to sell their services on TaskAmigo, the place is filled with people who want to get a simple job done. Moreover, you can make some new friends while working and get to explore your neighbourhood.Payment can be made through PayPal and major credit cards. All monetary transactions are secure and safe.

Now, you do not need to waste time on things that others can do for you. You can get rid of chores and errands and do things you are worth your time and effort. You can take your mind off those cumbersome tasks and meet new people living in your neighborhood. TaskAmigo is a place that helps you to buy your freedom.


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