martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Blame Tweeter * Faute du Twiter * Неисправность Twiter

Culpa a Twiter * Blame to Tweeter * Colpa di Tweeter * Schuld Hochtöner * Faute du Twiter * Неисправность Twiter 

The World is Coming to an End: Blame Twitter
It’s the end of the world as we know it, my friends, and it seems Twitter is to blame. It’s true: the social networking site, which has attained over 500 million users since its inception in March 2006, is bringing about the apocalypse, and we’ve got the evidence to prove it.
Below is an infographic by Tim Cooley, winner of PosterBrain’s ‘Design the Future’ Infographic Contest. Entitled #Blame Twitter, it brings to light hard-hitting facts about Twitter’s troubling toll on the environment and our health. Did you know, for example, that for every 18,000 tweets sent out by Twitter users 1 hectare of forest is lost? That means, as the infographic bravely points out, nearly 13,000 hectares of forest is lost every single day.
Note: #Blame Twitter is of course a parody infographic. “All claims in this infographic are obviously false in nature and are solely intended for the comedic entertainment of readers,” says Cooley. “We <3 Twitter.”

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