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Investigative journalism

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Investigative journalism AKA being an awkward so-and-so...

Previously in my blog I have mentioned that I believe that investigative journalism is "far superior to just repeating information" (which, ironically, is information I am repeating) so today's law lecture on this topic was something I have a passion for; I've always told people that my ideal job would be either a film critic or a reporter in dangerous situations (gangs,wars etc).

Investigative journalism is defined as being "off the diary", in other words it isn't a planned event which a reporter writes a piece about e.g. football results, court case, fireworks display and other events which have a time and place established well before the event.

This means that investigative journalism tends to make far more time and effort than regular news reporting. It is also often defined as being a piece about something which is hidden and which someone somewhere doesn't want published

Investigative journalists tend to write articles about subjects in the public interest, so anything which is defined as hypocrisy (i.e someone saying they are one way when in secret they are actually another); a crime; or a possible health issue to the public. 

But, they have to be wary of being accused of malice and conflicts of interest (e.g. if you were closely related to someone who was then imprisoned, you may be more likely to write a report about it).

There are numerous cases of investigative journalism cases throughout history, for instance the Watergate scandal in the USA, the phone hacking scandal, the MPs' expenses story amongst others.

One significant instance of investigative journalism is researching miscarriages of justice, wherein journalist attempt to prove that people imprisoned are actually innocent. This is something we, as students of Journalism at Winchester Uni, will be doing in the third year, I will write a more detailed blog on this subject some point in the future.

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