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Create newspaper headlines

Create your own Newspaper Headlines.

Create your own newspaper with your own headlines, add your own picture logo and personalise the front or back cover of a real national newspaper title for your own city. Create your own Newspaper Headlines with the tool allows you to customize the name of the newspaper, the date, the headline and the text that will appear on the first articles of your city.
The result is a very realistic image as you can see above, so check it out! Create your very own Newspaper Logo with the jpeg image files from your city. You can create your own newspaper. Every Sim can be reporters, ... Each newspaper article has a title called the headline that is set in large type.

APRENDE IDIOMAS LEYENDO PERIODICOS Y REVISTAS * LEARN LANGUAGES BY READING NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES Imprime de 20 a 30 renglones del texto que acabas de leer. Subraya de 10 a 20 palabras. Anótalas en columna en el espacio disponible abajo del texto o en el reverso de la hoja. Traducelas al inglés u otro idioma deseado. Anota el significado al lado de cada palabra. Revisa tu trabajo y compáralo con el de otros compañeros. Muestra tu trabajo a tu profesor. Pídele que te sugiera otra actividad que expanda lo que acabas de realizar. Copia y conserva est trabajo, y el contenido súbelo a tu blog o página personal, y compartelo. MY HOMEWORK NETWORK * NON-PROFIT SHARING RING * LANGUAGES * COLLABORATIVE SCHOOL PROJECTS * PROF JML * MEXICO
If a newspaper can maximize be shown to receive the reported by targeting news, sports, business, entertainment or news sections with your own city by the news reported are like any disasters, crimes, riots, murders, taxed, governments, elections, hospitals, weather, police arrested, fires, transportations, roads, bridges, building, rental homes, downtown, cafes, footballs, celebrating, monsters, sex or criminal attacks, movies, motors, holidays, television or radio stations etc...

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