jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Our student newspaper...

My schoolmates are wonderful. They find any excuse to express their
creativity. Whatever the results we always celebrate really loudly!

Do you know who the twin reporter is? This is the suspect number one! We think he's
trying to protect Julian Assange and all that about the so called Wikileaks!

Finnally we could interview Austin Powers.
Since then, our boys in the team got really crazy!
Holly newspapers and bilingual
journalist... I won the lottery...!
Oh, bless you mother of Bastman!

domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

Cómo regresar a la era del Oscurantismo

Returning to Dark Ages in the 21st Century

How to make your nation sink into a new Dark Age period. According to History they used to burn books during the Middle Ages. They argued that books could be a bad influence to people’s thinking. People could start thinking about their rights. They wanted people to remain ignorant and, therefore, able to be manipulated by unscrupulous politicians and abusive religious leaders.
Nowadays there already exist millions and millions of books around the world. So, why making a scandal for just burning a few of them? 

01 - Do not write, help, participate, or volunteer in favor of our freedom of speech or any good cause.
02 - Do not worry about what may SOPA & PIPA harm our right of speech.
03 - Suggest the creation of S-BEBA, Start Burning Encyclopaedias and Books Act. Promote it in your school and neighborhood.
04 - Do nothing at school, tolerate bullying, avoid homework, skip school, never visit the library, read only one book per year, etc.
05 - Never question the way leaders and politicians dispose public funds.
06 - Do not worry about accountability and transparency. Leaders know what they do.
07 - It is acceptable to work for criminality since chilhood when the government fails to provide quality education and good jobs.
08 - Money is the most important goal in life; do not worry about peace, civil rights, human rights, friendship, brotherhood. Violence is not wrong. Bussines is first.
09 - Do not give importance to family values. Always lie to everyone.
10 - Always be a passive citizen. Never complain when rights are in danger.