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Reading Blindfolded

Japanese Brain Training Experience

The core of our Maxmind programme lies in the Japanese Brain Training experience offered by our centre. By undergoing a cognitive behavioural training process to “activate”[1] the midbrain of a child, we can immediately see improvements in the children mental abilities. 

So what exactly is the midbrain?
The midbrain is located above the brain stem of human beings. it is responsible for the perception of stimuli and the subsequent communication with the right and left hemispheres to process this perceptive information. Typically, as part of the lower brain centres, the mid brain is not subject to an individuals conscious awareness.
So what do you mean by “activating the midbrain”?   
Since the midbrain is responsible for communication with the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the process of “activating” the midbrain will result in better communication with the left and right hemispheres. As individuals grow older, the brain has the tendency to automatically assign one hemisphere the brain to become more dominant in performing certain task(a process known as lateralisation). This means we end up using much less of our brain that we actually could! The process of “activating” the midbrain reverses this trend and allows us to use our brain more efficiently, hence the improvement in cognitive abilities. Another interesting effect of midbrain activation that it allows children to sense the visual properties of objects without actually seeing them with their eyes(blindfolded).  

Seeing without eyes?! That sounds creepy… how does that work exactly?
Firstly, we would like to put forth a disclaimer, that is, the objective of our course is NOT to allow all our children to see while blindfolded(which isn’t a very practically useful skill either). We believe that the midbrain activation process is beneficial to a child’s learning capacity and ability, and the ability to read blindfolded is just one of the many signs to show that the midbrain has been activated.
Bearing that in mind, we believe that all individuals are equipped with an intuitive sense[wikipedia link] that is often not in conscious awareness to the individual. The midbrain activation allows children to tap on this sense and hence be able to perceive visual stimuli while blindfolded.

How does your course differ from other providers of this “Midbrain activation” ? I’ve seen other companies promoting this as well
Our course emphasis is about the actual benefits of the midbrain activation, not just the “blindfold reading” ability. We conduct further classes to tap on this improved cognitive capacity in our Advanced Course. Like all skills and habits, one has to practice this ability to reap the benefits of it.

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